Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual maintenance fee ?

The annual maintenance fee for the community is currently $645.00 and is due by January 31 of each year. It is set annually by the HOA Board after review of the current year’s budget and the establishment of the next year’s budget.

What do your maintenance fees do for you ?

The Association will maintain, replace and repair the community’s common areas.  We will also maintain and keep up all of the landscaping situated on the community’s common areas.  Because we are a “gated community”, we are responsible for all of the repairs, upkeep and replacement of the streets, signage, boundary fences, gates, drainage and sewer system and lighting.  The association will do all it can to not increase the annual fee ( it is still one of the lowest in the area ) and does all that it can to keep an adequate reserve available for any extensive repairs that may need to be done in the future. 

How is the neighborhood managed ?

The neighborhood is governed by a Home Owners Association ( HOA ).  There is a volunteer elected board for the HOA ( the contact information is elsewhere on this website ) and they are elected by the homeowners at the Association’s annual meeting in the fall.  The HOA conducts monthly meetings at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, the corner of North Eldridge Parkway and Louetta; the meeting notice is posted with a sign at the exit gate of the neighborhood ten days in advance of the meeting.   The board employs a local management company to oversee the business of the Association and that company is Planned Community Management, Inc. ( PCMI ) and all contact information and our representative is available elsewhere on this site. PCMI sends out a detailed billing for the next year’s Maintenance Fee to each homeowner in the fall. This billing is for the next year’s fee, anything that is still owed by the homeowner and details about your payment, including an online option and setting up a convenient payment plan.

Who is the community’s trash service provider ?

The community has contracted the trash service with Republic Waste Services; to establish your required account or for questions, you may contact them at  281-446-2030. Our weekly trash pickup days are Monday and Thursday; including most holidays. Once trash has been picked up, it is important to make sure that you grab your receptacle and lid from the street and return it to your out of the way location at your residence.  There are days when we have high winds that will blow the receptacles all around the streets, so to make sure you get your receptacle and lid back, you should mark you street address on the inside of both to help your neighbors identify your receptacle.

Who provides water and sewer service for the neighborhood ?
The service is from the Faulkey Gully Municipal Utility District ( MUD ); to establish your required account or for questions, you may contact them at 281-374-8989.
There’s a street light out in the neighborhood, what do I do ?
A well lit neighborhood is a nicer and much safer neighborhood.  The street lights are the responsibility of CenterPoint Energy, but we pay for the lighting and they require our help; they do not know when a street light is out or not working properly.  If you have a street light in front of your home, consider it yours.  If you see that street light out or going on and off or staying on during the day please report it to CenterPoint Energy.  You can go directly to the following link: and complete the form with the street light location and the street light number (this is important, it is located on the front of the light pole).  This way will save you time and will save you a phone call, BUT if you would rather make a phone call to CenterPoint at 713-207-2222 or 888-572-4399; choose an option for language, then option “4” to report the street light outage.  THANK YOU !!!
How do I get in the front gate ?
Each homeowner has their own specific gate code and a remote device to access the front gate.  If you did not receive a device at closing or to obtain additional devices, please contact PCMI and they will be glad to assist you; there will be a nominal charge.
For the security of our community, please do not share your gate code with anyone.  Emergency personnel have their own codes as do UPS and FedEx.  At times there are people parked at the front gate trying to gain access, please DO NOT OPEN the gates for them as you do not know if they are a real guest or someone trying to gain access for mischievous purposes.  Please remind your guests to use the entrance gate and not to try to come in the exit gate, as this can result to damage to the gates as well as the vehicle.  The sign at the entrance gate reminds all who enter the gate, that they must do so one vehicle at a time and the association will not be liable for damage to your vehicle.
Many residents like the community because of the small size as well as the security that the gates provide.  Please make sure that your name is coded in the entrance box and that it will dial the correct phone number that you have provided.  If your name is not listed ( or you have changed your contact number ), please contact PCMI ( 281-870-0585 ) and they will get you squared away.
Is there any special way to park on the street ?
We can thank the developers of our community for the wide streets and cul-de-sacs compared to those in our surrounding neighborhoods; however, if we do not use some common courtesy when we or our guests park on the street, we can have some problems.  At the recent National Night Out event, the Cypress Creek VFD encountered some difficulty getting their fire engine down some of our streets and more recently their ambulance had difficulty maneuvering down the street on the way out with a patient.  Both instances were as a result of vehicles parked on both sides of the street close together, so please be aware of the difficulty this could present when you or your guests park.  Although we would like to think this would not happen on our streets, please be aware, because you just never know.  
I want to make a change or improvement to my home ?
We are a deed restricted community and as such there are guidelines for home improvements.  There is an Architectural Control Committee ( ACC ) for the community.  As new residents move into the Villas at Lakewood Park, many have questions about which of their remodeling projects, etc. need ACC review and approval.  Our bylaws require prior approval for all exterior home improvements, remodeling, etc., including but not limited to :

Generally, all changes to the visible exterior of your property require prior approval from the ACC.  The “Application For Approval To Modify Home Or Property” is available with instructions for download elsewhere in this website.  This process is simple and we want to help you avoid pitfalls, adhere to established guidelines and accomplish the desired result.  Requests are handled expeditiously, if there are questions or concerns, they are immediately discussed with the homeowner.  Most applications are straightforward and processed and approved within a week. 

Can I hold a “Garage Sale” at my house ?

Conducting a garage sale within the neighborhood is against the deed restrictions which govern our community.  The neighborhood is an active participant in “NEXT DOOR”, and as a homeowner member, you can place simple online ads for the  “stuff” that you would like to sell and those ads go not only to your neighbors, but to a number of surrounding neighborhoods.

What is Nextdoor ?

Our neighborhood is using the new free private secure online network and what a benefit it is to our community. Nextdoor can keep you informed on the happenings and events in our neighborhood ( the HOA uses it to announce its monthly meetings, neighborhood events and any other community-wide information important to our residents ). In addition it can help you find a vendor that you need, who has done work for your neighbors, sell those extra you have around the house or find something you need, find or start a special interest group of neighbors and more. The Harris County Sheriff Department, Precinct 4 Constable Office and Houston Police Department recently endorsed the Nextdoor concept as an important tool and have begun posting certain relevant area information on the site. The more participation we have from the neighborhood, the more effective this tool can be for us all. And, remember your Nextdoor website is still kept private to only those who live in the neighborhood and who have a verified address.

How do I get signed up for Nextdoor
To sign up, go to , then put in your home address and this will direct you to The Villas at Lakewood Park page where you can quickly join your neighbors. If you see one of your neighbors who isn’t a member, you can invite them directly from the site.


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